Indiana Jones

So after 3 years of dreaming, it finally started! Its been some time since my first blog message, but thats because I was really busy getting everything ready. An update on the sponsor thing like I promised first. Richa (the Belgian motorcycle clothing brand) was very interested in my project and did a really good deal on a really nice suit (I feel like I just walked out of a motorcycle magazine, check my instagram for pictures to come), TFX suspension revised my rear shock, which was really good because it was totally wrong. Woops! TCX motorcycle boots gave me some discount and last but not least, Allroadmoto gave me crashbar bags, which is like totally awesome!!!! Never thought this sponsor thing would really work.  So on the 4th of June I took my flight to Vancouver, Canada, shitting my pants. So arriving at Vancouver at 21.30 local time, 9 hours time difference (travelled back in time, hurray) I was quite overwhelmed of how real this just got. All of a sudden it started. I went quick to bed and wanted to discover the city the next morning, but all I really wanted was to collect the bike. So I took the train to the Cargo service from Air Canada and everything went really smooth. Couldn’t believe it. They gave me my bike wrapped in plastic and I had to undo everything myself. This was truly the biggest present I ever got! After an hour of unwrapping I took my keys and off I went with the biggest smile ever on my face. Braaaaaaaaap.

I was headed to Vancouver Island to meet up with Pieter who has texted me he just bought himself a Kawasaki KLR. Things couldn’t get better. I was driving trough the big lanes of Vancouver when a car pulls up next to me and lowers his window: ‘Hey Dude, nice ride, where you’re from?’ Me: Bla bla blaaaaa, is this the right way to the ferry? Him: ‘Oh no man, you’re totally wrong!’ Cars honking, me driving with the big bike on a three lane highway. Jup, exactly. I pulled over to ask directions and after ten minutes I was on the right way. On the ferry I was immediately part of the biker gang and got my first place offered to stay in America (which I won’t do because the lady talked TOO much). I didn’t discuss with Pieter exactly where we would meet so I kept my eyes open. The ferry deck lowers, we start the engines, I drive up the ramp and here I go on Vancouver Island. All of a sudden there is a lunatic who comes from a side road above in true Indiana Jones style, heavily honking. Pieter couldn’t have made a more dramatic entrance. Its now already a moment I’ll never forget. After few miles we stopped to hug and kiss each others balls. We drove for 2 hours to Victoria where Pieter knows some locals. The smile of my face stayed the whole drive. In the evening, I was pretty jetlagged, we went for some beers. It got out of hand with tequila shots and some other stuff. Hurray for Victoria! After 5 hours of sleep (hurray for jetlags) we dragged ourself of the wall bed and Pieter said: Hey Jonas, there is a better KLR for sale on the internet… So we drove to have a look and jup, Pieter bought his second Kawasaki KLR…. (although he’s pretty greedy he likes to buy stuff). The plan now is to make one good KLR out of the two bikes. Next weekend we’re gonna do a multiday hike and enjoy the windy roads of Vancouver Island! Oh and by the way, my bike is really fuckin’ awesome! People ask if they can take pictures and so on. Quite the star here so far. Well started, looking forward for things to come. BRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPP

Gadget update: Gen Spot 3. A GPS tracking device with a helicopter button for emergency situations. For real. A Helicopter Button!


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