The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

The Good:

I ended my last blog with the hurley road, 80 kilometers off road and this is how it went: It was very loose gravel so we were very cautious. the front wheel kept bouncing on the rocks and we ate a lot of dust, bot oh boy, this was fun! The views were stunning and the road went curvy up the mountains until we hit some snow that was laying on the sides of the road. I was in my element. After we finished the 80 kilometres in two hours and a half we took a break when Pieter suddenly said ‘ Hey Jonas, where is your license plate?’ So after some swearing we decided the only option was to go back on the Hurley road and look for the plate. Pieter turned into a real detective and had the smart idea to look at the pictures we took along the way to see where I still had the plate…. So guess what, off course it was in the beginning of the road. So 70 kilometres back on the gravel I saw it laying in the dirt. EUREKA!!! Off course we had to go back, so we ended up doing the Hurley 3 times. The confidence grew on the gravel and in the end we were going 80km an hour.


We arrived in Gold Bridge, an almost abandoned Gold Mine. We pitched our tent near a lake and went fishing. We caught 4 trout in 20 minutes and enjoyed our dinner meal together with the mosquitos. Next day I turned 30 and really had the best drive of my life and the most incredible scenery of the trip so far from Gold Bridge to Lilouette. We wanted to get to Kamloops in the evening to celebrate my birthday. How this went I keep to Pieter and myself but it involved the follow ingredients: vodka, tequila, rum, lots of bad music, bouncers, a taxi and an empty wallet. The next day we set of to Revelstoke and although we bought ourself a big hangover, I felt like I was a cowboy. We were entering the prairies and the headache was over. We booked a hotel in Revelstoke because we were to lazy to pitch a tent. Luckily for us, because a big storm came over the city that night and took out all of the electricity and some trees. Woops!

From Revelstoke it went to Banff and Jasper national Park. A 200 km drive trough the national park. You have to see it for yourself, because I cant describe this. Fucking awesome! These places give you an instant adrenaline shot. We slept in the park while it was something like zero degrees and almost froze our nuts off. Usually we don’t have a plan so we just ride and see were we get. So eventually we ended up in La Glace, some 1000 kilometres further. A really small town on the way to kilometre zero of the Alaskan highway. We are staying with Brad and Lisa for four days on their farm and they have been most generous to us. We had really nice food, a nice welcome to the bananas and canned food we have during the riding days. They took us for a hike, helped maintaining the bikes and they even took us shooting in their back yard! I mean, shotguns and sniper rifle! Because I won the bet I could shoot the propane tank with the sniper. Hehe. I know guns are up for debate, but man, this was so much fun! In between I mowed the lawn with a tractor ( I promise you dad, if you buy on of these I come home every week) we got some wood and helped Brad working on the house a little bit. We even could see the Belgians win against Japan. The reason we are here for a few days has to do with the bad.

The Bad:

On the Hurley Road there were some switchbacks (haarspeldbochten) going up. On one of them I was going to slow and had to drop the bike… Not that bad of course, but two days later I discovered that I had broken the Macbook. This sucked. I started editing the videos for the first video Canadananas and it looked pretty promising. I’m sorry you will have to wait until I have bought a new Macbook in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Anyways, we had been driving a few hours trough the Rocky Mountains (THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS!!) in rain on the way to Banff when we stopped to buy our entrance tickets. I turned my key and nothing happened on the bike… We changed ignition plug, tried jumpstarting it but that didn’t do anything. I started slightly panicking so we decided to tow the bike… Luckily the lovely Nina, the girl who sells the tickets, helped us arranging this (too bad I dont have a picture). 250 dollars and 40 kilometres going back, we discovered the Yamaha shop was closed. We camped at a very ugly camping spot and went to see the new Jurassic Park movie (after dropping my liter of coke on the seat). Next day the people at the garage were very helpful and friendly and told me it was my battery. They didn’t have a new one, but I could continue. So here I am in La Glace, waiting for my new battery to arrive in Dawson Creek (no, not from the tv show).

So past weeks weren’t very good for my budget. Shucks. But its only material damage so hey, whats the problem?

The Ugly 

Nothing is really ugly here, except Pieter in the early mornings. Canned food smells like cat food. Oh, and the Canadian girls wear too much make up for our European standards. (They don’t like long haired dudes anyway we found out on the birthday night).



We are really thankful for Brad and Lisa. The people we’ve met so far are so friendly and hospitable and they are a true example of that.

Next on is The Alaskan Highway, 2500 kilometre of Grizzly land!!!!! Better see some bears.





2 gedachten over “The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

  1. Mattias Theuwen juli 3, 2018 — 4:36 pm

    Jah gedimme. Toch wel jaloers dam zeggen ! 😉 Maar heel veel success gewenst! Ik blijf jullie zeker volgen! 😉


  2. altijd welkom om het gras af te rijden…maar morgen komen ze een “schildpadje” installeren. Trouwens veel gelachen om dat filmpje op de grasmaaier.


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