Heading South

I was writing my previous Pineapple Story in the Harley-Davidson shop in Anchorage. I ended up staying there 6 days! They let motorcycle travelers camp in the garden of the shop which is really nice and they have a shower which comes in handy. It was spenard bike week so there was a party almost every night (lots of beer, lots of bikes). I met everyone who worked there and I even drove a Harley Davidson with the owner of the shop on the back! Seriously! Her name is Dia (32) and she is youngest owner of a Harley Davidson shop worldwide. We had a lot of fun together, i’ll give you that. She offered me to go and live in Anchorage, I only had to drive a Harley Davidson, which was not a problem as she would give one to me. I never had to work again in my life. I have to tell you, it sounded tempting!

The road was calling again so Pieter and I hit the road towards Vancouver. I only have a 90 day VISA for the USA and it doesn’t stop counting if your in Canada. We set of at two in the afternoon with a big hangover for 600 kilometers to Valdez in the soaking rain. It was a hard day. Amazing town, BBC shit again. From Valdez it went to McCarthy, an old gold mining town with a huge glacier. It was 90 kilometres of pretty hardcore gravel and potholes, in the rain again…  McCarthy itself was quite an adventure. We walked ON the glacier, no entrance fees, no guides, no nothing. You just walk on it. On the way back to our bikes we realised there was no gas station so we had to find someone who could give us some. Not a problem if your on an adventure bike, people just come to you so after 15 minutes that was fixed! The guy that helped us told us to follow the road up ahead as it parallelled the main (gravel) road. What he didn’t tell us was that the road was flooded and it was a wagon road (for four wheelers). That was quite the adventure!! I walked up to see how deep the water was, when it started sipping into my waterproof boots I said to Pieter it was fine because it wasn’t to deep. I started driving but my bike went deeper and deeper in the water, woopsie daisie. Anyway, we managed to push trough and earned some more experience points. On the way out to Tok we saw our first big bull moose. Really impressive animals.


On the way to whitehorse, Canada, we found an emergency shelter in the middle of nowhere so that was a pretty cool place to stay. An old log cabin with mice and a fox sleeping under the house. Once in Whitehorse we had the idea just to sit outside at Walmart waiting for someone to come to talk to us and fixing a sleeping place like that. After a while a guy came up to us and offered us some money, which we refused of course. BUT he invited us to his trailer to spent the night. It worked!!Don Ellis was the most generous guy you can imagine and mi casa es su casa right? But then we arrived at the trailer… We went inside and its hard to describe, but because he was sick for six months he couldn’t clean the place for a really long time and I almost had to puke because it smelled like feces. The kitchen was a nightmare so no way we were cooking there. I actually was dreaming of wild camping at the glimpse of the trailer. Don Ellis was quite the figure to meet. He hitchhiked for 20 years all around Canada and was a wild spirit. He made me think of a wizzard and a guru. He told story another after another and was into Zen Buddhism and quantum physics. “If you love something, give it away” is what he was all about, so he gave me hand made knife made by the chief of a native tribe. He handed us also a golden eagle feather for good luck. Interesting guy and interesting stay! Never forget that guy.


Since Whitehorse we rode all the way to Vancouver, camped every night, drove trough the smoke of forest fires for a really long time because there are 600 wildfires at the moment in British Columbia and its pretty bad.

Entering the town of Vancouver was really cool. Its an impressive city and a lot of people were starring at us because of our bikes. People pull down their car windows to yell: “hey where you from”. Its pretty amazing. The bikes are really a ticket to get to know people. We’ve been living in the nature for the past two months now, last time I slept in a bed was in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, one month ago and i’m absolutely loving it .Its really hard describing what is going on here, but its like you would drive for 15.000 kms and you see mountains, lakes, wildlife,… everywhere. Its pretty amazing and almost unreal.  Pieter and I had another party and this is the moment where we say goodbye and I start my solo trip. Really looking forward for this chapter. BRING IT ON!!!




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  1. Fantastisch allemaal! Goeie reis verder! Seems awesome…it IS awesome! Safe trip!


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